We have had to make some changes to our service to allow us to look after the health of our clients and staff whilst still caring for our client’s pets in the coming months.


These changes are designed to reduce footfall through the practice to an absolute minimum, in line with government guidelines.  We need to reduce the number of staff we have potentially being exposed to infection, as without a functioning team we would be unable to continue our emergency service.


  • We will continue to provide our usual emergency service – you won’t be stuck and unable to get hold of a vet.


  • We can provide advice, and where appropriate dispense medication, following a phone conversation. We usually would not be able to dispense without seeing the animal first, but we must adapt to current circumstances.


  • We ask you not to visit the surgery to pick up non urgent medication and routine treatments, we will post it to you.


  • Where visiting the surgery is essential having spoken to a member of staff, you will be asked to wait in the car park for someone to come out and help you.


  • We are only accepting card payments at the minute, as recommended by the World Health Organisation.


  • Opening hours – please see our amended opening hours.



With the news that lockdown will be continuing for some time, we are looking to start providing those vaccinations that clinically we see as urgent – that will be starter courses for puppies and kittens, 1st annual vaccinations and some rabbit vaccines.  As always, we will assess each individual case to ensure it can be done safely in accordance with social distancing.

At this time, when we are not past the COVID 19 peak and we are working with fewer staff, adult booster vaccinations will continue to be postponed.  We’ll reassess this in the coming weeks as the situation progresses.

Microchipping – we will do this when a puppy is in for a first vaccination, but can’t offer it as a standalone procedure at the moment.

Rest assured that your pets health and welfare is as important to us as ever.  We continue to provide advise over the phone, dispensing medication where appropriate and seeing animals (with appropriate measures to ensure social distancing) where we feel it’s necessary for their health and welfare.



Our regulations have been relaxed and we are allowed to offer some routine work where we feel it is important for animal welfare, however COVID 19 is not yet past its peak and it is important we protect ourselves and clients, and support the NHS at this difficult time by not encouraging unnecessary journeys.

We are also working with a reduced staff and must ensure we can continue to offer our usual level of service for sick and injured animals.  All practices are in different situations, so please bear in mind what is suitable for one practice might not be for another.


Horses are notoriously susceptible to tetanus, so we will be starting courses for those with no protection.  We will also endeavour to finish flu and tetanus courses that were started before the outbreak.  In each case this will be on a risk assessed basis and whether it can be completed safely with regards social distancing will depend on the individual situation.

In a population of horses and people that aren’t moving, the risk of an equine influenza outbreak is extremely low, so currently we will continue to postpone annual vaccination.  We will reassess this in the coming weeks.  We understand that our equine clients have the added concern of having to restart their course in line with competition requirements (unfortunately the regulating bodies have decided not to offer an extension to the 365 day rule), therefore we will offer a VACCINATION AMNESTY when restrictions are lifted further.  We will be looking to offer the SECOND VISIT AND VACCINATION FREE OF CHARGE to those clients (registered prior to COVID 19) who have had to restart their course.